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GPS Driving Route is an app that provides you with the simplest possible directions to get anywhere you need to go. This GPS app helps you get to your final destination by providing clear and detailed instructions that any driver, experienced or not, can follow.

The great thing about this app is that it lets you download maps of a specific area to be used offline. This feature is extremely helpful if you're driving in an unknown city or country. The directions are shown with colored lines and are read out loud, letting keep your eyes on the road.

This GPS gives you precise instructions based on your current location and your final destination. This includes providing the simplest and safest route to your destination. From the main interface, you can even set a speed limit and the app will notify you if you exceed it, helping you drive safely. Also, like many other similar tools, you have the option to save locations as favorites to access them with just one click.

Finally, one of GPS Driving Route's most remarkable features is its parking mode. This tells you where you left your car so you never have to wander around looking for it ever again. Also, this option lets you create a countdown that notifies you when you need move your car out of a paid parking zone or any similar situation. This app helps you get to any destination using the most precise instructions possible, putting everything you need to drive safely within your reach.